1.        Why the machine box does not work?

If the machine box does not function, make sure the indicator on it lights. If there’s no the indicator signal on both machine box and adaptor, there may be two reasons:
a. The power outlet is not plugged tightly, or
b. You did not adjust the number button on the adaptor correctly – there is no electricity from adaptor to machine box. 


2.        In case of the indicator on adaptor lights but it doesn’t on machine box?

It may be caused by: 

a. The jack (DC wire) into machine box is not plugged tightly.
b. The core of DC may be broken. (DC wire connects adaptor to machine box)


3.        Why the indicator on machine box lights but the transmission shaft does not work? 

The belt (curoa string) in machine box may be broken. Please open the cover of machine box, there are some belts available inside for replacement.

Notesdo not extra lubricate on the belt or motor – it will not work with lubricant.

In addition, with any problems that you cannot repair, please contact us on the hotline: (+84)1900558824 or  0906 975 456We’re willing to give you the instruction for use or solution within 24 hours. Warranty service at home in HCMC area especially (in working time only).

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